The Reason So Many Are Disappointed With Australian Netflix

the-reason-so-many-are-disappointed-with-australian-netflixOne of the most famous platforms for watching movies and TV series is Netflix. It has become a household name when it comes to sleeping in and relaxing at home. But this application is only available in the US, and this makes it a limited resource for those who want to access the contents. Many countries have already established their own version of Netflix with their own local shows also made available. With regards to this, though, there have been many complaints associated with this movement, particularly when it comes to the availability of shows.


Many like the US version better

Among the many versions, the newest is the Australian Netflix which has made names all over the world because of its seemingly lacking contents. Unlike its US counterpart, this one has limited movies and series in its arsenal. This has prompted a lot of negative feedback from Australians who were originally expecting more from this program. Price is not the issue this time around because a lot of netizens have expressed their willingness to pay if they are offered the same programs that can be accessed in the US.


This Australian Netflix is one of the many variations for this program that has been developed to suit its source country. This would mean local shows and movies can also be accessed from here. But does this mean that other aspects need to be sacrificed? Many are already wondering why the US version is getting more privileges and they have resorted to accessing a VPN instead so they can access this platform. But since Netflix in Australia is just starting up, this means that there might still be hope for more improvements and updates in the near future. More content might be added and users can gain access to more movie and TV series selections.

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