Rely On Experts For Reliable RC Helicopter Reviews

reliable-rc-helicopter-reviewsThe E-Flite Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter is an “assault helicopter” that differentiates itself from its drone counterparts by being far less expensive, far easier to pilot, and having more emphasis on design compared to its function-focused counterpart. What’s more, it’s a miniaturized kind of RC helicopter that hobbyists adore because of its attention to detail when compared to real-life helicopters (as many rc helicopter reviews would point out). It also comes fully assembled from the factory so that it’s ready to fly out of the box without you putting anything together or gluing anything for the sake of further assembly.¬† This is RTF (Ready to Fly), after all. It’s not ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) that requires a bit of assembly or BNF (Bind and Fly) that requires binding.

Pros and Cons

  • On one hand, it’s ready to fly and quite cheap. On the other hand, unlike its BNF counterpart, it doesn’t include the transmitter that gives you 4 channels of RC action. That’s the extra service you can get when paying for extra for BNF, as Reviews at Venus Rocketry¬†would also tell you. All the same, for what it offers, the Blade mCX2 RC Helicopter is a worthwhile purchase because of its amazing intuitiveness and precision for an RC helicopter. It can serve as your beginner helicopter.
  • Unlike more advanced copters, you don’t need to put in wires or assemble the rotor (although for hardcore hobbyists, that’s part of the fun and the point of getting into RC vehicles in the first place, especially if you get to customize or paint them). Its user-friendliness is arguably the main selling point. Children will definitely love the mCX2 since they lack the attention span to put it together like IKEA furniture.
  • Adults can also find some value in getting their own E-Flite Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter by virtue of customization and personalization. What’s more, don’t let the ease of function of this already-assembled product fool you into thinking that its flight is no more complex than the most basic of RC kits. Some RC owners use the Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter to test their mettle in regards to remote-controlled copter flight.