How Doctor Strange Fits In The Marvel Universe

how-doctor-strange-fits-in-the-marvel-universeMarvel Comics is a comic book publisher founded in 1939. It has published countless of comics and each gained the popularity that even inspired and encourage movie makers to utilize the stories behind the comic books.


Marvel created many super heroes and super villains as well. It has created one story after the other that won the hearts of kids and kids at heart. Most adults fall in love with Marvel movies since most have been avid comic book readers and it amazes them to see comic book heroes come to life.


These superheroes, as their name implies are heroes whom ordinary people turn to when they are in trouble. These superheroes have super powers that make them popular and sought after by victims and movie goers as well. One up and coming Marvel movie is Doctor Strange.


The Ordinary Life of Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon with a not so happy past. However, his not so happy past is what made him into a superhero.

The story, as in any other Marvel story has its ups and downs and this happened in the life of the superheroes when they are still in their human state. The things and experiences that they went through is what encouraged them to become who they became, superheroes.


Strange’s past is but common that later on caused the roller coaster ride of his life. The death of his loved ones caused him to become the better person that he is and made him into a superhero.

The Doctor Strange comic book movie can definitely fit into the Marvel universe as his life and his beginnings made him into the person or superhero that he is.

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