eJuice Shopping: Key Factors To Consider

natural flavorIn light of the regulation of vapes or vaporizers like its unhealthier cigarette counterpart, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about regarding these pipes that blow water vapor smoke instead of tobacco smoke. Here’s the lowdown. E-cigarettes make use of glycol-based flavored and scented liquids called ejuice as its fuel. These e-cigs use e-juice in order to simulate closely the act of smoking without outright making you smoke something potentially cancerous. They come in many different flavors you’d expect from a bakery, a coffee shop, or a fruit stand filled with exotic fruits you’ve probably never even heard of. Smoking them brings you the satisfaction of smoking without the dangers—or at least that’s how vapes and their ejuice are advertised anyway.

Hot Steam and Fake Smoking

  • Vaping is basically substituting hot steam for tobacco smoke and then calling it “smoking”. It’s a cigarette simulator with a twist (the twist being the fruity flavors or the emphasis on being much healthier compared to the cancerous tobacco smoking industry). In terms of your choice of e-juice, it depends on what sort of flavor you’re in the mood for. Be aware that many of these food-grade glycol-based vape juices come in various flavors.
  • Remember the flavors of Kool-Aid or Flavor-Aid? You have all those and more when it comes to vapes. That’s because vapes aren’t only available in different flavors for cigarettes (like classic tobacco and menthol), it also experiments with flavors worthy of ice cream (coffee, mocha, chocolate, and so forth) fruit flavors (apple, orange, pear, lemon, grape, and mango), but also scents that you wouldn’t normally drink (like rose, sunflower, and lilac).
  • It’s an experience for your different senses, from smell to taste to even sight (if you enjoy blowing smoke rings all over the place). Just make sure that you’re buying quality vape juice because some third-world low-grade juice have loads of noxious chemicals in them (such as lead, cadmium, nickel, acrolein, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde), which arguably makes them as dangerous to smoke as regular cigarettes (which defeats the point of vaping).